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Delton 14" Apple Dumplin Unicorn Doll
Delton 22" Sittng Raggedy Doll, 2 Asst
Delton 12"Sitting Plaid Angel Doll, 2 Asst
Delton 17" Sitting Raggedy Doll with Doll, Red
Delton 17" Sitting Raggedy Doll with Cat, Blue
Delton 15" Americana Doll, God Bless
Delton 18" Sitting Country Doll, Burgundy
Delton 14" Apple Dumplin Butterfly Doll
Delton 14" Apple Dumplin Ladybug Doll
Delton 22 Inches Raggedy Girl Doll, Red
Delton 16" Sitting Harvest Doll with Pumpkin
Delton 10" Plaid Button Eyes Doll, 3 Asst
Delton 14 Inches Apple Dumplin Black Doll
Delton 14 Inches Apple Dumplin Blue Mermaid
Delton 14" Apple Dumplin Doll, Purple Wrap
Delton 18 Inches Americana Doll With Flag Pillow

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