Quiet breezes and citrus-filled courtyards. A secret garden blooming with jasmine. Clear night skies lit by the moon. Misting rain on aromatic groves of cedar. Experiences that make you feel alive. This is what Thucassi is all about, and we invite you to explore our first collection.

Thucassi candles and scent diffusers combine evocative fragrances with inspired vessels in six distinct collections; equal parts signature scents and elevated design in eye-catching boxes and containers. Each item is crafted for a uniquely special moment and customer, perfect for gift-giving or a small self-indulgence. Shown together or standing alone, Thucassi products display beautifully. Testers and impressive glass cloches with trays are always available.

We invite you to take a moment to explore our new line. We look forward to working with you!

Thucassi Caldarium Candle, Coastal Waves Scent
Thucassi Savanna Candle, Grasslands Scent, Dalmatian Print Sleeve
Thucassi Ocean Candle, Trade Winds Scent, Blue Glass
Thucassi Ocean Candle, Jade Sea Scent, Blue Glass
Thucassi Ocean Candle, Coral Garden Scent, Blue Glass
Thucassi Ferrum Candle, Leather Satchel Scent, Black Tin
Thucassi Caldarium Candle, Sunrise Breeze Scent
Thucassi Caldarium Candle, Mossy Spring Scent
Thucassi Caldarium Candle, Atrium Scent, 28oz.
Thucassi Ocean Candle, Ocean Mist Scent, 8oz., Blue Glass
Thucassi Ferrum Candle, Foreign Port Scent, 4oz., Black Tin
Thucassi Uptown Candle, Shagreen Blanc Base, Bespoke Scent, 8oz.
Thucassi Ferrum Candle, Glass, Sea Water Foam Scent, 8oz., Pale Gray Glass
Thucassi Ferrum Candle, Mint Woods Scent, Black Tin
Thucassi Savanna Diffuser, Grand Oasis Scent, 270ML, Brown Candy Striped Sleeve
Thucassi Savanna Diffuser, Grasslands Scent, 270ML, Dalmatian Print Sleeve

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